Welcome to the "new and improved" M.C.I.F.A. Member's Only Web Site, Message Board and Email Hotline Registration! This main information page is divided into five sections, General Information, Hotline Updates, Online Directory,Web Board Guidelines, and Web Board Management.

GENERAL INFORMATION: HOW IT WORKS - The member's only section of the website has been redesigned to offer new services, as well as make the web board more secure. The web board requires registration and automatically includes your name and member number to your post. We are always open and eager to hear member questions and concerns. Please send private email to: email@mcifa.com with comments and suggestions.

In addition, when you register for access to the web board, your email address will automatically be added to the Hotline Update list. This is the ONLY way to register for hotline updates, via email. If you are currently receiving Hotline Updates via email YOU MUST REGISTER, to continue to receive them. Finally, you will be asked to complete the "optional" online directory information. The online directory can be accessed from the top of the web board, once you log in.

REGISTRATION NECESSARY FOR HOTLINE UPDATES: To receive Hotline Updates via email, you must first register at the end of this page. We apologize for any inconvenience, but updates may only be received at one email address per member.

ONLINE DIRECTORY: The online directory is a great way to find out if there are other members in your area! You can search by name, city or state or see everyone who chose to be listed! The online directory can be accessed from the top of the web board, once you log in.

WEB BOARD GUIDELINES: The M.C.I.F.A. and this website are "authorized and sanctioned" by Michael Crawford, the ONLY site on the Internet that can make that claim. Keeping that in mind, please keep the "Team M.C.I.F.A." spirit alive when posting. We are asking that ALL members adhere to the following guidelines:

This board was designed for friendly interaction amongst admirers of Michael. Please be courteous, respectful of one another as well as Michael, and most of all lawful. In order ensure this positive, friendly atmosphere, please:
  • DO NOT forward, repost or otherwise "share" Member Only information on any other website. FAILURE TO COMPLY WITH THIS REQUEST COULD RESULT IN SUSPENSION OR REVOCATION OF MEMBERSHIP.
  • DO NOT quote word for word the script of a performance.
  • DO NOT use foul language.
  • DO NOT "discuss" or speculate about Michael's personal life.
  • DO NOT ask for charitable donations for groups other than the "official" M.C.I.F.A. charities.
  • DO NOT ask questions regarding merchandise orders, renewals, new memberships, or the receipt of newsletters on this board. Please send private email to: email@mcifa.com and your request will be properly routed to the coordinator for that area.

WEB BOARD MANAGEMENT: The web board WILL be controlled and monitored and ALL posts to this web board remain at the discretion of the M.C.I.F.A. Executive Director and Coordinating Committee.

When a "thread" is heading in a direction that violates one of the guidelines above, a "warning" will be posted to discontinue the thread and post no further follow ups. If that warning is ignored, the thread will be subject to removal, without further notice. If we have to "warn" a member twice, their posting privileges will be suspended for 30 days. If a member's posting privileges are suspended, Hotline Updates WILL continue to be sent. Any member receiving repeated warnings regarding inappropiate posts is subject to having his/her membership privileges suspended or revoked.


We hope you will enjoy the board and all the friendships that have become such a special part of the M.C.I.F.A. Our goal, in creating these guidelines, has been to protect the vast majority of members who come to this board in search of a positive atmosphere, and to sustain the spirit of good will and good works that Michael desires for all M.C.I.F.A. endeavors.

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