The organization was created by Michael in December of 1990 in response to the public's generous outpouring of admiration and appreciation for his talent. In an effort to channel this much appreciated generosity to those in need, Michael authorized the creation of the M.C.I.F.A. with the charter to support children's charities throughout the world.

We thus have a three-fold purpose:

  • To support Michael's career.

  • To benefit our members through our various functions and activities.

  • To spread Michael's "gift for giving" to others through our own efforts for the charities.

    He has touched the hearts and imaginations of people around the world, and we can use that inspiration and example to reach out to those whose plight has so deeply touched Michael, children in need around the world. Do take a moment and look over the section of this site devoted to our 'official' charities: The Sick Children's Trust (based in the UK); Lighthouse Foundation (based in Australia); Free Arts for Abused Children (based in USA); and World Vision.