Dance of the Vampires
Scheduled to Open Fall 2002 !

The setting: We are in a Transylvanian graveyard near a village with an unpronouncable name. It is three nights before Halloween, 1880-somehting. Sarah, the beautiful teenage daughter of the local innkeeper, is out picking mushrooms when a pack of very cool young vampires appears out of the mist, dancing with rapturous abandon.

Sarah is entranced as a coffin rises from the ground containing the mesmerizing and extremely cool Count Von Krolock - played by none other than Tony-award winner Michael Crawford.

The Count sings to Sarah seductively and promises to return for her at the total eclipse of the moon--when Sarah, in exhange for a small bite, can become Queen of the Vampires and rule the world. How can any small-ime girl resist? But then arrives Professor Abronsius, a rather intensely wacky vampire killer, with his handsome if sweetly dim assistant Alfred. Alfred is istantly smitten by Sarah and vice versa. Torn between Alfred and the Count, Sarah runs off to Krolock's castle, pursued by Alfred and Abronsius.

There are ecstatic love duets, close encounters, unbridled dancing, wild comedy and, of course, bats and a madman named Boris. Sarah has to choose between earhly love with Alfred, or eternal passion with Krolock in the Vampire State Building. The climactic vampire dance crupts as the moon starts to eclipse, and everybody somehow manages to find happiness...Transylvania-style.

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At a “Big Brothers Bachelor Auction” in Los Angeles, a date with Michael drew the highest bid of $22,500.00. It was the highest bid in the auction’s history and the proceeds went to the Los Angeles chapter of the Big Brothers.

Previews: October 14, 2002
Opening:  November 21, 2002

Official Website:

Opens Fall 2002
at the Minskoff Theater

Music & Lyrics by
Jim Steinman

Directed by
John Rando

Book by
David Ives
Jim Steinman
Michael Kunze

Based on the film by
Roman Polanski

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